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A Parent's Pre-K Memories

My daughter attended District 20 PreK center Z074 at the Brooklyn Army Terminal for the 2018-2019 school year. It was a truly positive experience for her and for me too.

As an educator myself, sending my child to PreK was not an easy decision. Mrs. Severino quickly put my worries to rest with her kind, nurturing, warm and patient demeanor. She was in a class with 16 other students and two teachers. The classroom was inviting and comfortable. She was constantly putting up new projects for the parents to admire.

I was blown away by the art work and the warm and inviting atmosphere of the school. The teachers and all the staff were welcoming, accommodating and friendly. Each morning, the staff and security guard welcomed them with smiling faces and warm greetings. The lines of communication were always open. They were available to discuss any concerns or questions.

In the classroom, the students would go over what day it was, the month, and things of that nature. They would also take attendance, and if someone was absent, Mrs. Severino had them sing a lovely song wishing them well. They learned to really care for one another and very quickly became a little family. Whenever my daughter was absent, the students would run to her and hug her upon her return. It warmed my heart seeing her loved by her classmates, and her teachers.

Each unit they did was fun and memorable. They learned all about the 5 senses, which included a visit from the NYPD K9 unit and Driver Training Unit to come in to talk to the kids with their dogs and police cars! They did a unit on different modes of transportation and then went to visit the NYPD Harbor Unit that is also found in the Brooklyn Army Terminal. There was a trip to the art gallery downstairs from the center, and they also went to visit the chocolate factory on the premises. Parents were always invited and encouraged to join in these trips, and they did special celebrations for holidays including Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The children planted seeds and gave the mothers plants as a gift, which I still have! I loved how parents were also invited to go for breakfast and often treated to songs and fun activities. The school also offered gym, art and math classes. My daughter’s favorite class was math with Ms. Palmieri.

I could not have asked for a better PreK experience for my daughter. It was an enriching experience and my daughter learned so much, all while having fun. She was given a strong foundation for learning, a love for learning and the ability to form friendships and bonds with her peers. It was truly magical watching her become more confident and independent under the nurturing and loving care of her teachers. It is a fun, safe, warm and inspiring place. I highly recommend this PreK center. I am forever grateful to them.

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