Ms. Wildman’s STEAM class at Z075 is exp
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Steam represents the combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. It is a great time for students to examine and discover new material. The goal is for students to be curious and ask questions. They are learning to use the engineering design process as they work on STEAM challenges. As students are experimenting and exploring, it is our job to observe, facilitate, and to ask open-ended questions to prompt student thinking.   


We approach our activities and all subject areas through a STEAM lens, which is, What is the big picture? - Designing, Building, & Improving - Problem solving - Risk-taking - Having curiosity - Being passionate about their exploration - And their potential to help others.

We make sure to touch upon what the students are learning and branch out on additional learning topics. All of the STEAM clusters collaborate once a month to plan for the months ahead, where we agree on topics of interest and plan what we can do to continue to make STEAM a great learning experience for all students. -The STEAM teachers of District 20 Pre-K

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