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Pre-K students sitting in a large gym each with a drum in front of them.
Child and adult wearing red parading a red dragon on their head for Lunar New Year.
Group of teachers wearing yellow and gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness.
Little girl making a Dreidel craft
Two teachers kneeling with 2 pre-k students in front of a Christmas Tree and wearing Christmas PJs
Children in a Martin Luther King march in a gymnasium holding up a giant hand made peace sign.
A parade of student and one wearing a big smiley face hat.
Little girl sitting at a table using a roller to paint a blue watercolor
Professor in white lab coat doing a science project with pre-k students with white and pink smoke

District 20 Pre-K/3-K in the news!
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Important Dates

  • January 3rd- back to School!

  • January 16th- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day- No School

  • January 20th- Kindergarten Applications Close.

  • January 26th- Lunar New Year

What's happening at our centers?


  • 12/6 and 12/7 Nature Company will be bringing in animals to the school!

  • 12/12  Holiday Picture Deadline

  • 12/14 NYC Kids Project (PRE-K ONLY) Learning the processes required in making friends using puppets.

  • Last week of December- Each class will be having a holiday show/celebration. Teachers will be sending out more information in the coming weeks.



  • 01/20/23The Importance of Singing and Rhyming - Parent Info. Workshop


  • 1/10/2023-In House Trip -The Nature Company Live Animal Program

  • 1/19/23-Lunar New Year Celebration - Parent Engagement

  • 1/26/23-Parent Workshop on Zoom - Topic: Fine Motor Development


  • 1/20-Lunar New Year Celebration

  • 1/27-Drive In


  • 1/20/23-Lunar New Year Classroom Celebrations - Invitations to Follow - Wear Red Day!


  • 1/12- Math Cluster HS1 Parent Engagement 9:20 AM

  • 1/12- Art Cluster 3H2 Parent Engagement 9:20 AM

  • 1/18- MLK Celebration 9:00 AM

  • 1/27-Parent Zoom Workshop #2: Oral Language - Invite to follow



  • 1/16-MLK Jr. School Peace March 

  • 1/20- Lunar New Year School Parade

  • 1/24- Clusters will present School to Home Connection Workshop

  • 1/31- Triple AAA In-House Trip



  • 1/17-Wear RED to show your Z094 pride. Work your “heart-est” today!

  • 1/18-Wear YELLOW to show others your bright side. Give a compliment today or tell someone you are happy to see them.

  • 1/19-Wear GREEN. There are greener days ahead! Encourage a friend today or ask someone how their day is going.

  • 1/20-Wear BLUE to show kindness is cool! Share a toy with a friend!

  • 1/20-Lunar New Year Celebration

  • 1/24-Parent Information Sessions: Fine Motor Activities



  • 1/18-Parent Information Session: Potty Training Basics

  • 1/26-Crazy Science Show



  • Jan. 4, 11, 18 and 25-Parent YOGA in the GYM at 1PM

  • 1/11-Parent Workshop: Fostering Independence

  • 1/12-MUSIC FOR ALL: In-House Field Trip- Stories of Love and Peace in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

  • 1/13-Peace March Around the Block in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • 1/20-Lunar New Year Celebrations and Activities

  • 1/24-Parent Workshop: Exploring the Importance of Singing and Rhyming

  • 1/30-NATURE COMPANY: In-House Field Trip with Live Animals

  • 1/30-NATURE COMPANY: In-House Field Trip with Live Animals


  • 1/12: Parent Workshop The Turning 5 Process

  • 1/20: Z112 Lunar New Year Celebration

  • 1/25: Parent Workshop The Importance of Reading at Home and Meaningful Conversations

  • 1/30: TumbleBus Event 9-11:30

  • 1/31: TumbleBus Event 9-11:30


Groups of Pre-K kids sitting on the rug of a classroom with their arms in the air
A team of teachers wearing matching red super hero shirts.
Ms. Hickey and Mrs. Lauretta’s class enj
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