News and Events 


Pre-K students sitting in a large gym each with a drum in front of them.
Child and adult wearing red parading a red dragon on their head for Lunar New Year.
Group of teachers wearing yellow and gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness.
Little girl making a Dreidel craft
Two teachers kneeling with 2 pre-k students in front of a Christmas Tree and wearing Christmas PJs
Children in a Martin Luther King march in a gymnasium holding up a giant hand made peace sign.

District 20 Pre-K/3-K in the news!
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Important Dates

  • October 5th- Yom Kippur- No School

  • October 10th- Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day

  • October 21st- Breast Cancer Awareness #GoPink!

  • October 31st- Halloween

What's happening at our centers?


  • October 22nd- STEAM Robotics Trip for Pre-K

  • Parent Workshop TBA

  • Week of October 24th- Pumpkin Patch 

  • Week of October 24th- Orange You Glad it's Fall Raffle 

  • October 31st- Character Photo Fundraiser

  • October 31st- Fall Festival Character Parade



  • Pumpkin Patch TBD

  • October 31st-Halloween Parade10/31/22

  • Week of October 24th- Pumpkin Patch photos

  • Hispanic Heritage class celebrations TBA


  • October 25th-Parent Workshop ( A Day in Pre-K) 9:30-10:00 am via Zoom 

  • October 25th- Parent Workshop ( A Day in 3K) 10:15-10:45 am via Zoom

  • October 31st-Fall Pumpkin Patch Photo Fundraiser

  • Week of October 17th-Parent Engagements will take place. Check Class Dojo for each individual class schedule.







  • October 28th- Fall Photo Fundraiser10/28/22

  • October 31st- Harvest-Fest10/31/22

  • Parent Engagement Classroom Activities- TBA


  • October 28th- Pumpkin Patch

  • October 31st-Costume Parade



  • October 14th- Hispanic Heritage Show & Tell

  • October 26th-"Falling" into School! Photo Shoot Fundraiser

  • October 31st-Halloween Parade


  • October 1st to October 10th- Fall Raffle                  October 28th- Pumpkin Patch

  • Costume Parade10/31/22

  • FALL Photo Fundraiser TBA

  • Parent Engagement Classroom Activities TBA


  • October 21st- Breast Cancer Walk Parade                         Fall Photo Fundraiser TBA

  • Pumpkin Patch TBA

  • October 31st- Costume Parade


Groups of Pre-K kids sitting on the rug of a classroom with their arms in the air
A parade of student and one wearing a big smiley face hat.
Little girl sitting at a table using a roller to paint a blue watercolor
Ms. Hickey and Mrs. Lauretta’s class enj
A team of teachers wearing matching red super hero shirts.
Professor in white lab coat doing a science project with pre-k students with white and pink smoke