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Our 3-K Program

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Little boy painting a blue watercolor at a table
Little girl holding a doctor bag and wearing a blue surgical costume
Little boy sitting in classroom making a styrofoam flower craft.


Parents of children born in 2019 may enroll for a 3-K seat with us for school year 2022-2023. Parents may visit  for additional information on applying to 3-K or call 718-935-2009.


Our 3-K program will be available at the following centers:

District 20 Pre-K Center Z011

1258 65th Street                         

Brooklyn, NY 11219 


District 20 Pre-K Center Z013

1668 46th Street  
Brooklyn, NY 11204 

​District 20 Pre-K Center Z067

1355 84th Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11228

​District 20 Pre-K Center Z073

7415 Fort Hamilton Parkway 
Brooklyn, NY 11228 

 District 20 Pre-K Center Z074

140 58th Street 

Brooklyn, NY 11220 


District 20 Pre-K Center Z075

21 Bay 11th Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11228


District 20 Pre-K Center Z111

369 93rd Street                         

Brooklyn, NY 11209 

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