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mom and son finger painting
6 adults and 3 children displaying a sign that says "We Love you all at Z067" Letters are in red
Mom and son holding up artwork in classroom
Dad and son having breakfast in the classroom
family of four , mom, dad, small son and small daughter posing for son's pre-k graduation
Family in pre-k classroom posing in front of birthday cake in small dishes
mom with prek son and prek daughter posing with a book in classroom

Our program is a partnership of educators and parents as we work together to benefit our students. Here is what families have to say...

“Such an amazing team, between the site coordinator and the teachers, I feel like my daughter has been in great hands. Thank you to everyone who helps make my daughter's school life blossom daily." -Emilia M.


"Z111 is wonderful! The teachers are warm, generous, welcoming and caring. The staff, down to the security guard, are just fantastic. My daughter loves going to school everyday and my 2 year old son loves going to drop her off and pick her up. I highly recommend the 93rd Street location. I wish my daughter could continue at this school for kindergarten!" -Patty M.


“An amazing program indeed! Not only is the center very organized, clean and safe, but the children really thrive and enjoy going to school! The administration and teachers are all informative, communicative, and genuinely care about the students and their education! Five stars all the way!” – Xavier and Elizabeth A.

 “Thank you for all you have done for my child. He has learned so much about respect.” – Maricela P.

“A young mind is like a white paper. What gets drawn is in the hands of the artist named teacher. Thank you for creating the world’s most beautiful drawings with your skillful hands.” Jack N.

“Damon loves his school! He has learned so many things. The teachers are all such great professionals and treat the children like their own family.”- Nicole B. 

“Wonderful school. Teachers are very engaging. Friendly staff. Parents are well informed about their child’s progress and school events. We are very pleased with this Pre-K center, and we only wish that it could continue to kindergarten.”- John and Dina D.

“As soon as you step foot in the school you feel such a warm and welcoming environment! This has been an outstanding educational and social experience for my granddaughter.” – Maria R.

“I am so appreciative of our teacher and school management. My son greatly improved his social skills and learned the meaning of rules. – Gulay B.

Excellent School, wonderful teachers and staff! What my daughter has learned at this school exceeded my expectations. My daughter loves it. It is important that she feels comfortable with the environment, teachers and friends while she is learning. The school is spacious. Classes are roomy, well organized and clean. I’m so glad I sent her here.” -Cindy L.

“This was an incredibly useful experience for our child. He does better every day and even learned words that greatly amuse us. Thank you.”- Ali A.

“Our son has learned to name things in his environment. He has also learned to sing and dance!” - Lorenzo C.

 “Amazing school. Amazing staff. Amazing teachers. This was everything I wanted in a Pre-K. My son loves going to school. They provide rigorous tasks and activities that keep students engaged. The teachers and paras are caring and strive to help each student reach their fullest potential. I am very happy with the school and especially thank Mrs. Obara and Mrs. Rogers.”- Hayat A./Ramdane O.  

 “Thank you so much for giving our little one so much motivation!”- Catalina C.              


“My son loves the program. He has fun and he is learning to share, take turns, be patient and independent.” – Loubna R.

 “I am so impressed by the level of professionalism, genuine sincerity and care that the teachers and paraprofessionals give to the children. Even teachers who don’t directly work with my son make an effort to know him, me and my family. I am so glad my son attends this center.”- Kathy C.

“The Pre-K experience my child received was simply excellent. My daughter learned a lot of new things that will help her succeed in kindergarten. Special thanks to my child’s teacher and para for being so kind and welcoming. They made my daughter want to attend school every day.”- Assmet  A.

“Such a welcoming and inviting environment where children are encouraged to learn and explore. The school fosters development of cognitive and motor skills by allowing students to experience various arts and crafts and assignments.”- Malgorzata  W.

 “It takes a big heart to shape a little mind. Thank you!”- P. Soni

A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in the pupils- This is a quote by Ever Garrison to express my feelings on this Pre-K center. Amazing!”- Marisol M.

 “We are so happy with the school and the wonderful job they have accomplished with our daughter. “- Laura Y.

 “My son is so happy to go to school every morning. He enjoys his teacher and all the children in his class.”- Marisol G.

"We firmly believe our son has transitioned smoothly into Pre-K because of the wonderful staff here at Center Z072.  He wasn't in a school setting before but because of the warm and friendly educators, he was able to learn and grow comfortably.  He also loves to be part of all the family events including holiday gatherings.  We are happy to be a part of a center that establishes a close relationship between its parents, staff and students."-Stephanie V. 

"Zuriel is always happy to come to school.  He loves his teachers and friends.  Our son is so independent and proud of his accomplishments.  This is an excellent program!"- Nicole O. and Emmanuel V. 

“Brendan loves his class at Z075 from day one. Unlike his previous school he did not cry at all. He mentions his teacher daily. Even the crossing guard is friendly and helpful.” Peter P.

 “My son has developed a lot. He talks, plays and socializes so much more than he did before. The teachers do their job so well. I am so happy with the treatment both my son and I receive at his school.” Nancy R.

“My daughter loves going to the school thanks to the wonderful and hardworking staff! Great teacher and terrific site coordinator! They know just how to engage the kids and involve the families in various activities!”- Rebecca G.

“I am very excited to see my son learn new things every day. His social skills have improved 100%, and he is very comfortable and happy with his teacher and paraprofessional in the classroom. Overall his experience has been a very positive one.” Norma C.

"Sofia really enjoys Pre-K.  She likes all the different activities and centers that are offered in the classroom.  She also mentions that she likes the teachers and how kind they are!"-Remy B.

 “Thank you for the opportunity for our son. He enjoys all the activities. We can see all the knowledge and social skills he is building.” Carmen and Carlos A.

 “My son has learned a great deal in this program. He learned independence. He learned how to use good manners when dealing with other people. My thanks to Miss Palmieri and the entire staff. I love this school so much.” Leung Chi W.

“My son did wonderful in his writing skills, responsibility and independence. He is so ready for Kindergarten!” – Mercedes P.

 “I am so happy with the communication between the school and parents. Parent engagement is just great!” Maura S.

 “All the teachers care about a student’s well-being and their happiness. They also care about their life beyond the classroom.”- Kwok W.

"The District 20 Pre-K Center Z072 is a great environment for a child.  Our daughter is very comfortable and can't wait to go to school.  The staff is just amazing and they take very good care of the kids.  We are so happy with them.  We love this place!"-Chabha and Farid A.

"Our daughter has learned a lot at school.  This is her first school experience and she has adjusted very well.  Thank you to the teachers and paraprofessionals.  She is very happy and she has made many friends"-Qianwen L.

“This has been a great experience for my son. I can see how much he has improved and is blossoming every day. The teachers are wonderful and very patient. I can’t thank them enough.”- Rosa P.

"Ms. Martha and Ms. Kathy give so much love and care in all they do with our children. Madison loves going to school every day. She loves learning and playing with her friends. Thank you!”- Jennifer C.

“It warms my heart when I ask my son how he knew something and he responds with a smile and tells me how he learned it in school! I am so grateful that he has such a loving and patient teacher that works so hard each day.”-Michelle R.

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