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Dual Language Classes

Two children dressed up as the Lunar New Year Red Dragon.
Two children outdoors wearing sombrero hats and Mexican outfits.

Our Dual-Language classes are held at five of our Pre-K centers.


Spanish- Z013, Z075, Z074, Z112

Mandarin- Z073, Z075, Z099, Z112

Arabic- Z073


Dual-language classes are a two-way immersion of English and a partner language, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic. This instruction is an option for both native English speaking students and English Language Learners.

Pre-K students will benefit from a full day of class instruction in English followed by a full day of instruction in the partner language. This program provides the same academic content and addresses the same standards as English language classes.


Parents may expect their child to reach bilingual, biliteracy and bicultural goals.

Bilingual– A defined goal in reaching oral proficiency in both languages.

Biliteracy– Students will receive instruction on reading and writing in both English and the partner language.

Bicultural– An opportunity to gain a well rounded global awareness and an appreciation for the culture and heritage of the partner language.


Dual-language will continue to be available in school year 2024-2025

Bill board highlighting Hispanic Heritage month with art work by pre-k school children.
Poster display on school hallway wall wishing Happy Ramadan
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