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Parents of children born in 2019 may enroll for a Pre-K seat with us for school year 2023-2024. Parents may visit  for additional information on applying or call 718-935-2009.
Our Pre-K program is available at all 11 of our centers. Please click here for a list of our centers. 
Our units of study allow our Pre-K students to expand their primary understanding of themselves and the world around them. A consistent thread of themes gives our teachers the opportunity to help the children become critical thinkers while building important skills. Purposeful and creative play, reading, peer interaction and parent engagement, are among the many methods and tools used to help our children gain maximum benefits in readiness for kindergarten.
Our units of study are : Welcome to Pre-K, My Five Senses, All About US, Where We Live, Transportation, Light, Water, Plants, Babies and Transformation
Below is a brief snapshot of one of our units of study:

My Five Senses

Essential Question: How do we use our senses to explore, investigate and understand the world around us?

Example Focus Question:

How do we use our sense of sight?


Enduring understandings that the student should have by the end of the unit:

There are five senses. They are smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing.

We use our senses to understand our bodies, learn what they need and keep us safe.

We use our senses to learn about the people, places, objects and environment around us.

We experience and interact with the world differently when our senses, such as vision or hearing, are impaired.

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