We are happy to welcome our new families for school year 2022-2023. All offered seats to our 11 centers will be held until September and we encourage parents to accept as soon as possible.  If you have not been offered a seat, then you may inquire about availability or join our waiting list via your MySchool@nyc.com or by emailing our parent coordinator at Cloccisano@schools.nyc.gov or the site coordinator at your Pre-K center of interest:

District 20 Pre-K Center Z011
1258 65th Street                           
Site Coordinator: Katy Fang 

District 20 Pre-K Center Z013

1668 46th Street  
Site Coordinator: Jennifer Rodriguez


District 20 Pre-K Center Z067
1355 84th Street  
Site Coordinator: Diane Imbesi 

District 20 Pre-K Center Z072

8501 5th Avenue    

Site Coordinator: Erica Maswary 


District 20 Pre-K Center Z073

7415 Fort Hamilton Parkway 

Site Coordinator: Margarita Neos

District 20 Pre-K Center Z074

140 58th Street 

Site Coordinator: Maria Dellas

District 20 Pre-K Center Z075

21 Bay 11th Street 
Site Coordinator: Lydia Guzman-Morales LGuzman7@schools.nyc.gov


District 20 Pre-K Center Z094

2165 71st Street 
Site Coordinator: Jenna Martin


District 20 Pre-K Center Z099

550 59th Street               
Site Coordinator: Christina Coscia


District 20 Pre-K Center Z111
369 93rd Street                           

Site Coordinator: Connie Pitsoulis 


 District 20 Pre-K Center Z112
1423 62nd Street                           
Site Coordinator: Mary Opperman
Special Education Coordinator: Justin Dejoseph

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