Endless Possibilities at District 20 Pre-K

Hi! My name is Susan Wierzbowski! Teaching in New York City has been a life-long dream of mine. I grew up in a family of teachers, and from a very young age, I knew that there was no other job for me. Growing up in a small suburb of Columbus, Ohio, I craved the culture, upbeat lifestyle and energy that this big city exuberates. Prior to entering college, during a summer mission trip to Belize where I worked with children in neighboring villages, my passion for working with children was solidified as the joy they provided me was unlike any other experience. Even though I had found myself in an entirely different part of the world, the unique lives and smiles of the children in Belize were pri

Safety First!

Hello! My name is Rose Ramos, and I am the school safety agent at Pre-K Z067. I have been a member of the NYPD School Safety Division and serving the New York City Department of Education for 12 years. Before working in District 20, I held positions as a school safety agent in schools of older age groups in Manhattan and in other areas of Brooklyn. Dedicated to safety, I am glad to say that I arrive at my post each day as a knowledgeable agent. This is due to the fact that all safety agents receive a great deal of training from the NYPD. We begin by participating in an intensive initial training, followed up with monthly training in order to gain new insight, skills and information. Routine

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