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Delicious and Healthy Meal Time in Pre-K!

Greetings! My name is Desirree Crews and I am part of the DOE, Office of Food & Nutrition Services that offers healthy meals and snacks to our students at the District 20 Pre-K Centers. I have been working at Z013 for four years, and I arrived at this position with 12 years of experience in the food industry. Prior to this position, I worked for Conference Caterers where I learned everything there is to know about food service in schools- from preparation and safety rules to nutrition and healthy menu choices.

My past experiences have helped me to be at my best, as I work with the wonderful staff at Z013. I work in more than one way to make sure that every parent has the information they need about their child’s meal and that each Pre-K student enjoys a good breakfast and lunch. I monitor food temperatures, keep records and see to proper storage and refrigeration. Posting the food menu for parents and always being aware of any food restrictions and/or allergies a child may have, ensures that families are comfortable and happy with the meals that are served every day.

Finally, when asked about the best part of my job, my answer is that I love seeing the smiles on the faces of our Pre-K students, when they see a tasty food or when they are happily sitting together around the table eating their breakfast or their lunch. I know that meal time is an important part of their day and seeing their joyous faces as they enjoy their food makes my day, an amazing day!

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