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District 20 Pre-K Centers, An Easy Decision!

When trying to choose the best learning environment for a child’s first experience at school, it is so important to choose the right one. As parents, it is natural to stress the decision for the beginning of our 4 year old's school journey. Will they be safe? Will they be happy? My family could not have been more confident in our choice at District 20 Pre K Center Z067. Our main desire and wish for our son, Charlie, is for his first school experience to be one that is a positive one, full of feeling safe and being happy most importantly. We have gotten that as parents and so much more.

Each and every day is a bright start at District 20 Pre K Center Z067, with an inviting smile and a caring hello from every person in the faculty. Besides that first sip of coffee, is there really any other better way to start your day? Children go running into school happy and leaving with enthusiastic goodbyes. Charlie has grown tremendously, and constantly is making school to home connections; sharing, cleaning up, concentrating on tasks, singing songs, just to name a few.

My background is in early childhood education, having worked in nursery school – 2nd grade, in both the private and public sector. When walking the halls of District 20 Pre K Center Z067, there is an overwhelming feeling of positivity reflected in the art and school work hanging on the walls, the warm faces of the staff and students and the overall brightness of the environment. As an educator it is vital that we differentiate instruction due to the many different ways children can excel using different manipulatives and tasks. It is evident that Charlie’s teacher, Mrs. McLoughlin and Ms. Hamden not only love working with children, but have expertise in ways to make learning fun and successful.

The community of families we have met at District 20 Pre K Center Z067 have been caring, nurturing parents who all have the same mindset in the best interest for their child. The staff and teachers are like family, where there is a genuine comfort in sending your child there all day. I am looking forward to seeing how much more Charlie grows throughout the rest of the school year. Thank you for making our decision easy for deciding where Charlie’s brother and sister will attend Pre-K. One less worry… for now!

Jessica Gabbert- Parent

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