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Bringing Health Care, Home and School Together.

Hello! My name is Teresa Cashman. I am a Registered Nurse, and proud to be a part of the Pre K team! I am a third generation nurse: my mother and my mother’s mother were both nurses. I suppose you can say nursing, and taking care of people, is my family business. My part of the “business” has been in the care of children and their families. I entered and continued on into the business as a pediatric nurse at major medical centers in Philadelphia and New York City. During that time, I also received my master’s degree in parent-child nursing. Then, as my own two children were growing, I worked part time teaching nursing students. Eventually, the road lead here, where I became a substitute and then full time school nurse.

Caring for children requires a specialized knowledge, such as understanding their growth and development, and adapting interactions and treatments with that in mind. I also am a firm believer that a child’s work is play. Through play, children discover and understand the world around them. When children understand what is happening, that understanding can help alleviate fears. Knowing that, I try to incorporate play into my interactions with the children I have the pleasure to meet.

In my role as a school nurse here at Z094, I help to link health care, home and school. In doing so, I am the health resource for children, families and staff. When a child is referred to me, I respond to their health needs, either acute or chronic, and provide treatments as directed by a physician. My interactions with the children involve using four-year-old friendly language (such as “sniffing out” into a tissue instead of “blowing your nose”). I capitalize on these interactions with the children to teach and reinforce healthy habits like hand washing and covering your cough. Communicating with parents regarding their child’s health concerns and maintaining confidential student health records are an essential an important part of my day, as well. Every day, I collaborate with the amazing group of teachers and staff to ensure a safe, healthy environment so that each child can participate to their fullest.

I enjoy welcoming the children as they enter the school building each day, and I look forward to saying hello as I pass them in the halls. The sounds of the classrooms brighten my day, and the songs I hear stay with me long after I leave. At the end of the day, my hope is that the children understand how nurses help.

Thank you for reading my story, and I look forward to seeing you at Z094!

Teresa D. Cashman, RN, PHN

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