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Hello, my name is Stephan Gilliam. I am the Fireman handling maintenance at the Z011 Pre-K center located at 1258 65th Street. I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Southern California. I returned to live in New York to be with family after the devastation of 9/11.

I am working with the New York City of Department of Education for 6 years and I am glad to be on board with the Pre-K Centers of District 20 since its launch in September of 2015. My wife and I are newlyweds and we share a commitment in serving the children of New York City as she is currently a substitute Early Childhood teacher.

I do many things in our Pre-K building to ensure it is a safe and comfortable environment for all who work and come to school at our center. I run the heat in the winter so the building stays warm and I take care of the air conditioning in the spring so the building stays cool. I also take care of all maintenance to the building which includes repairing things if they break, cleaning, painting, removing garbage and many other tasks. Doing all this keeps the building clean and safe at all times.

I try to always do these things with a smile on my face so students and faculty feel at home. The children in Pre-K are experiencing so much for the first time. By doing my job I am happy knowing I am making it the most comfortable environment for the kids to start their learning journey!

Stephan GIlliam -Custodial Engineer

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