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Balancing the Joys and Stresses of Caregiving

In this workshop, we are focusing on the joys and stresses of caregiving. We will work to develop an understanding of stress and its role in our lives, as well as to embrace the dual nature of the caregiving role. Finally, we will think together about ways to manage the stress of caregiving in healthy, sustainable, accessible ways.


Friday, 4/12/2024




Introduction to Culturally Affirming Social and Emotional Learning

In this workshop, we are focusing on Culturally Affirming Social and Emotional Learning. We will spend some time exploring our understanding of culture, some time learning about what social emotional learning is, and then thinking together about how to affirm our own and others’ identities in the context of SEL.

Thursday 4/11/2024




Exploring the Range of Emotions

In this workshop, we will be looking closely at big, more intense emotions, how to navigate them ourselves, and how to support those we care for through them. We will spend our time exploring a range of feelings, including anger, and working together on developing facility with several powerful and practical strategies for dealing with “big” emotions in ways that further connection and care. Each of these strategies can be proactively taught, practiced, modeled, and delivered without value judgments on the feelings themselves.

Saturday, 4/13/2024


Wednesday 4/17/2024





Understanding the Adolescent Brain

In this workshop, we will learn about adolescent brain development, what that looks like in action, and ways for us to support and navigate through adolescence alongside our children. Adolescents need and deserve adults that support their development and understand what they might not yet be able to do. This looks like: guidance, practice, time, space, repetition, support, permission to make mistakes, and collaborative corrective measures. We will spend our time growing our understanding of the neuroscience of the adolescent brain and developing a greater awareness of a developmentally supportive mindset to best support our young people.

Monday, 4/15/2024


Monday, 4/22/2024


Thursday 4/25/2024




Conflict Resolution (Two-Part Workshop: must attend part one prior to attending part two)

Part 1: In this workshop, we will explore our conceptions of conflict, debunk common myths about conflict resolution, engage in storytelling about our experiences with conflict and learn how to resolve conflicts effectively by exploring some common family conflict scenarios.

Part 2: In this workshop, we will learn more specifics about how wholeheartedly listen and both acknowledge and affirm the feelings of our children while effectively negotiating conflict and addressing challenging behaviors. In this workshop we will explore what it means for a family to be actively engaged in a loving and communal practice of self-care.


Conflict Resolution PART ONE

Wednesday, 4/17/2024


Conflict Resolution PART ONE

Saturday, 4/20/2024


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