Coaching and Caring, A Site Coordinator's View.

My name is Christina Coscia. I have wanted to be a teacher from when I was in 1st grade. I guess that is why I was drawn to Early Childhood Education where I have spent 12 years of my career. For the past two years, I have worked as a Site Coordinator in one, of the now ten, District 20 Pre-K Centers. For most of my career I have taught Kindergarten. It was bitter-sweet leaving the classroom, the very school where I was once a student, but my passion for education was ready to expand beyond my classroom walls.

My method of teaching has always been deeply rooted in understanding child development and tapping into the unlimited potential of inquisitive children. Here at the District 20 Pre-K Centers, everyone from our director, to assistant principals, site-coordinators, teachers and paraprofessionals, share that same passion. As a site-coordinator, I get the best of both worlds. On a daily basis, I have the opportunity to support and work alongside devoted colleagues while still being able to interact with children and their families.

Each day I am able to visit classrooms, get to know the children and offer instructional support to staff. Our classrooms are bustling with little voices sharing such big ideas. Just as I remembered as a child, children are playing and learning in the most developmentally appropriate ways. In our classrooms, I get to see my vision of education come to life. Each unit of study takes over our classrooms from the dramatic play area to the blocks center. Outside of the classrooms, I share my experiences and knowledge of early childhood education with our staff in an environment that also allows me to continuously learn from devoted educators.

Each year our families grow, from the families of our children to the family of our staff. In just 3 years, our centers have expanded to 10 free standing sites that thrive as a unified school. Each year in our care, over a thousand children experience the first year of their life as students. I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of their journey in a district that is really devoted to their children, families, staff and community.

Christina Coscia, Site Coordinator Z099

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