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A little boy painting a giant poster on a table. Other children doing the same in the background.
Two little girls holding a butterfly in the outdoors
Students at Z075 learned all about plant
A hand holding up a a handmade globe with the words "We Love Our Planet"


Welcome to our

Remote Learning page! 

We invite parents to explore and utilize the special learning tools available on this page. 


During our period of remote learning, parents will receive the Pre-K Parent Newsletter every Monday. The information will outline the learning theme of the week. In addition, our teachers will email parents every morning for the duration of the week. The morning message will include more guidance to help continue the enrichment our students have received in their classrooms since September.

  • To help children understand recent happenings and why there is a temporary change in where they learn, we encourage parents to have them view our social story "The Virus that Kept Me Home."

  • When in class, our students begin each day by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance! To continue this important value, you may recite with the video by clicking the following button. 

  • Our Pre-K educators from all 11 of our centers came together as a team to create our new Read Aloud Library featured on our Pre-K Youtube channel! We invite you to explore the many early childhood titles that are offered!

  • We encourage parents to utilize the Early Childhood Instructional Resources packet. This resource offers activity suggestions organized around the centers for learning and play that are set up in every classroom of our program.

  • Our ten Units of Study serve our general education classes and will lead parents to engaging activities focused on the theme of the week. Along with a snapshot and student outcomes, parents will view information on each unit: vocabulary words and activities for literacy, art, science, music/movement and cooking. 3K  offers special opportunites for families who have a child in our 6:1:2 and 8:1:2 classes.

  • Coming soon! Dual Language offers links translated in Mandarin and Spanish.

  • Resources and special websites will direct parents to free downloads for various activites that will help to continue your child's solid foundation gained since September.

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